Photoshop for Web Designers

Learn the secrets professional web designers use to create stunning graphics for websites.

What Is ‘Photoshop for Web Designers’?

A step-by-step training course to teach you how to create stunning graphics and images for your websites.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • Learn how to colour correct, crop and optimise your images like the pros do.
  • Learn the recommended ways to use typography to achieve great designs.
  • Composing images is one of the most important rules in design. Learn how.
  • Course Curriculum​

Module 1

  • How Photoshop works
  • Ten must know keyboard shortcuts
  • Where to find great images for your website
  • How to open images in Photoshop
  • Important Photoshop image file types
  • Make your photos look awesome in a few steps
  • How to crop your images like a pro
  • Learn how to retouch photos


  • How to use typography in Photoshop
  • How to colour correct your images
  • How to create black and white images
  • The importance of contrast part 1
  • The importance of contrast part 2
  • The importance of contrast part 3
  • How to use clipping masks
  • How to create an e-commerce banner

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